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Have Kids ? Think accessibility

On his personal weblog, Derek Featherstone publishes an hilarious essay about accessibility problems on the web and with computers in general when (small) children are around. We can fully identify with his problems; although tatami matting isn’t so good a sound conductor, it is quite sensitive to a 2 years old little one jumping around the house. This in turn can severely affect your ability to point the mouse to that tiny hotspot on your pixel perfect dropdown menu which doesn’t react to keyboard input. And when finally she is falling asleep on your lap … did I mention that it can be heavy? Forget about the mouse, the keyboard is all there is.

Think accessibility, it is not ‘only for the blind’. This reminds us of an article by E.Daspet published at CYBERcodeur.net. In it, the author provocatively want us to do just that: forget about the blind, and view accessibility in a wider context.