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Tips and CSS tricks

None too serious criticism ahead…

Tantek Çelik nicely reviews an article on CSS tips and tricks published at evolt.org. While reviewing point 7 of the article (Centre aligning a block element), he asks about possible known problems wih the shorthand notation margin:0 auto;. Sure, apart from older UAs long since gone, there is a browser that sometimes has problems with this notation to center a block; IE Mac cannot centre a table using this; longhand is required. This is mentioned on the Codebitch pages over at MacEdition.com.

In point 4, noting about !important, he adds (i.e. IE5/Mac handles !important properly). But I know one case where IE Mac is a bit hmm, let’s say, overzealous: when adding an !important declaration to the font-size property (shorthand or not), this is inherited into all child elements… although !important should not inherit, as far as I can tell from the various CSS specifications. I never published this in my IE Mac bug pages, but here is a test file.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist with this one… :-)