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The inevitable details about [ emps ]

Who is Here?

The wanderer is Philippe Wittenbergh, image poet, wanderer, (web) designer, image creator. He is currently living in the eastern part of the world, timezones ahead of most people, surrounded by a decrepit tea field, a cat, a partner and some more.

More details might show up one day. Did I mention he loves Jazz, avant-garde music and books? Fine wine and some beers should not be forgotten.

Some claims to fame: [ Images ] – poetic introspections. A book has been written, but not published. When otherwise not busy, he also contributes to a number of open-source projects (such as the now defunct Camino browser and Textpattern – a CMS). And on some past, more pervert days, he maintained the IE Mac bugs and oddities pages (this resource has been deleted with status 410).

Privacy Notice and Code of Conduct

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  • An email address is required for the contact form and for commenting. It will not be displayed publicly on the site, and will not be shared, nor sold. I may use it to contact the commenter privately if the (unlikely) need arises or to answer your query through the contact form. In that case the email address will be stored in my email client (application) for the duration of the conversation. All email send to me is deleted from the server after 7 days.
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  • All access to this website is logged by my CMS to keep an eye on possible unruly access, such as detecting fraudulent access attempts by scripts/bots, and for spam control. This data is kept for 3 days and then deleted automatically. As part of this logging, no Personal Identifiable Information is recorded – such as your IP address. The hosting company may have more extended logs as part of their server management tools.
  • No other tracking mechanism is in use, neither by me nor any third party.
  • Beyond that, honestly, I don’t really care who you are. Enjoy your visit, hopefully you’ll find something interesting.

I have the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. When I do, I will revise the updated date below. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

Copyright Notice

All text and images contained within  EMPS  are copyrighted ©Philippe Wittenbergh (you can always contact me to check for eventual republishing or sales availability).

Comments are owned by their respective authors, and they are responsible for the contents of their comments. Occasionally, I may need to clean up your comments, in case something goes wrong: double posts, badly formed html, url that are too long or incorrect. This will not affect the content of those comments. I reserve the right to delete really offensive comments; trolls and similar monkeys are advised to go somewhere else.

Accessibility and Site Preferences

This site should be fairly accessible to everybody, with whatever UA the user prefers, be it a hand held device, a desktop browser or a games console. A number of navigation shortcuts are available, depending on the technology you use, or the way you navigate pages. The site is optimised to display on any monitor resolution, large or small.

 EMPS  also has a number of feeds which let you easily find out when content on this site has been updated or added. You’ll find links for this at the bottom of most pages. Alternatively, your favourite feedreader should be able to detect the presence of those feeds automatically.